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Cloud Computing

In recent years and with the emergence of new technologies related to the digital world, a number of concepts have emerged, usually in English, to define the new services offered by the digital world for both users and companies. Concepts such as Big Data or Cloud computing are increasingly widespread in any field, whether domestic or business and many still do not know what is Cloud or what is Big Data

And although sometimes we think that we are not users of services with these strange words, the truth is that we use them much more frequently than we think and also on a daily basis. If someone asks what is cloud computing, the most frequent thing is that they do not know what to answer but it is vitally important to assimilate and understand these concepts so as not to be left behind in this new digital revolution.

Specifically, cloud computing consists of offering computing services through the network through cloud storage. The user of this type of services does not have to install anything on his computer and yet he can have access to multiple services with utilities that range from the most everyday to the most technical.

To understand this concept in a simpler way, the best is through an example that is easily understood: email. Everyone uses email to a greater or lesser extent and without knowing it a service called cloud computing is being used. We use email without having to install anything on your computer thanks to the cloud storage service.

In the same way it happens with applications that do not need to be downloaded because they have their storage in the cloud or many business management systems. The truth is that this technology is increasingly taking a leading role in our lives and has come to stay among us.

The main utility of this type of technology is to prevent the user’s computer from taking a heavy workload when running applications that the user needs to use. Thanks to cloud storage this work is done by the large network of computers that make up this system, speeding up the work and making it easily accessible and without affecting the user’s computer of the service in question.

The only thing that the user would need instead of an application installed and running on the computer is to use the internet browser as if it were any web. The cloud takes care of the rest of the work, simplifying the tasks that the user has to carry out.

The advantages of cloud storage are beyond doubt. To the advantage of multiplying the resources to which the user can access quickly and easily joins the advantage of avoiding the cost of the licenses of the programs and software for each computer that needs to use the program in question, something that cost large sums of money to companies before this technology appears.

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