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How cloud computing works

In a Cloud computing system you can find two clearly differentiated parts of the system. The first is the frontend or user interface and the second is the backend, which is the cloud service itself.

The user interface includes the computer network you use and the application necessary to access the service in the cloud. A simple user interface that is connected to the backend through the internet. In the part of the backend you can find all the systems that the cloud uses to store the information, the servers it uses and the computers of the system.

All this gear connects to a central server that manages the operation of the entire system, monitors its traffic and ensures that customer demands are made without any inconvenience. The system rules follow some protocols and use middleware software that facilitates the connection between networked computers to communicate with each other. A very complex system with the naked eye but that has great benefits for users and companies such as unified communications.

Cloud computing technology is revolutionizing the way in which companies and individuals perform a multitude of different tasks and services. Finding all the information safely and quickly through an internet connection without having to download any additional program or pay different licenses for each computer is a revolution that companies around the world are taking advantage of.

The new technologies have entered with great force within the society, due to the numerous possibilities that its use offers. According to the latest studies, in most Spanish homes there is a technological support such as a computer or a mobile phone, which are constantly used by family members. It should be taken into account that these devices allow data to be stored in a secure and stable manner, establishing copies of certain contents. Therefore, the types of servers must be taken into account, which are elements of high relevance in the world of telecommunications.

A server is a computer equipment and software responsible for maintaining proper operation in the processing of different information. These elements allow the connection of different devices, effectively and efficiently managing files, videos and other digital media, which are essential for many companies.

As main structure the servers must consist of; A software that allows to carry out the different operations and a Hardware that is not more than the physical support that contains the different internal elements.

The servers are installed by companies inside their branches, thereby achieving a higher level of security in their operations and data management, both external and internal. It could be said that this element acts as the head of the company, allowing interaction between the different departments that make up the business. The servers can also be used in a general way, through online platforms for viewing videos or images, which keep inside all the necessary content for users.

The vast majority of online content viewing platforms have this technology, since it allows secure storage of all information. These online pages allow the client to establish a connection with the server, thus enabling access to the desired content in an easy and simple way.

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